P98. A yo-yo-shaped device mounted on a horizontal frictionless axis is used to lift a 30 kg box as shown in Fig. 10-56. The outer radius R of the device is 0.50 m, and the radius r of the hub is 0.20 m. When a constant horizontal force of magnitude 140 N is applied to a rope wrapped around
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Lokpal Industries offers a wide range of CDI Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist with power trolley from 1 to 5 ton capacity. These are designed to work for medium duty rugged and repetitive performance, the Hoist frames are made from Heavy Duty steel plates & sections.

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  • 9. A woman applies a constant force to pull a 50.0 kg box across a oor at constant speed. She applies this force by pulling on a rope that makes an angle of 36:9 above the horizontal, and for the box-oor interface, k = 0:10. (a) Find the tension in the rope. (b) What is the work done by the woman as she moves the box 10.0 m? 10*.
  • Two wall-mountable brackets with runners and rope, fitted with rubber-coated hooks to prevent scratching and other damage to paintwork and soft materials. Secure locking mechanism prevents accidental release when suspended. 20kg lifting capacity. Maximum lifting height 4m. Includes anchor, 4 x lifting brackets, rope and 10 x fixing screws.

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Apr 13, 2011 · a 60 kg box is lifted by a rope a distance of 10 meters straight up at constant speed.?

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  • 5. A 90.0 N box of papayas is pulled 10.0 m along a level surface by a rope. If the rope makes an angle of 20.0o with the surface, and the force in the rope is 75.0 N, how much work is done on the box? 6. A 60.0 kg student runs at a constant velocity up a flight of stairs. If the height of the stairs is 3.2 m, what is the work done against ...
  • worker exerts a force of 450 N on the rope, which is inclined at 38° to the horizontal, and the floor exerts a horizontal friction of 125 N that opposes the motion. You can assume the crate doesn't leave the ground. a) Calculate the acceleration of the crate (mass = 310 kg). b) Calculate the normal force by the floor on the crate.

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#4 Two boxes, 5-kg and 3-kg, are connected by a rope and pulled to the right over a frictionless Problem #7 • Three boxes are accelerated across a frictionless surface by a rope applying 12.0 N Quick Quiz #1 A junkyard crane lifts and lowers a smashed car. Suppose the mass of the car is 2000...

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Feb 13, 2013 · block will be lifted up from the oor and there will be no contact. The force exerted by the oor will not exist. Remember that forces of this type are contact forces unlike gravity. 0.5 The distance between two telephone poles is d = 48.5 m. When a 0.950-kg bird lands on the telephone wire midway between the poles, the wire sags h = 0.198 m.

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M2M1A tightrope walker with a mass of 60.0 kg stands at the center of a rope which was initially strung horizontally between two poles. His weight causes the rope to sag symmetrically, making an angle of 4.80° with the horizontal.

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0 7 box Figure 9 shows a fork-lift truck lifting a heavy crate. Figure 9 0 .7 The crate weighs 11 500 N and is lifted vertically 2.60 m. 1 Calculate the work done to lift the crate. Use the equation: work done = force × distance

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