I am setting up a layer 3 juniper switch at a remote office. We have a point-to-point setup with our ISP so that all I need to do is setup a static route for each remote office to connect to our main office and vice versa. Our main office has a router with an external IP of I setup a static route...
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Static inter-VRF routes. In general it is recommended that all routes between VRF should be exchanged using BGP local import and export functionality. If that is not enough, static routes can be used to achieve this so-called route leaking. There are two ways to install a route that has gateway in different routing table than the route itself.

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  • auto-export (configured under the VRFs routing-options) enables you to leak routes between VRF instances that are locally configured. The standard VRF import and export policies affect remote device prefix leaking.
  • a VRF Routing Instance Starting in Junos configured on the PE Devices Using VRF Routing with Junos OS Release VPN traffic and each type to connect a checks it against the > Network > Routing the VRF routing instance table for distributing routes for different VPNs separate. for routing between the a VRF table for VPNs require a VRF and an ...

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EX switches can do VRF-Lite to support multiple routing tables. To start you can look at this KB article from Juniper What you need is BGP support for the VRF/virtual-router. For this you need the AFL license on the EX switches. Here is a software feature table for the EX series, which is always useful

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  • Cisco VRF Route Leaking Category:Cisco Systems -> Routing and Switching. ip vrf RED rd 64001: 20 route-target export 64001: 20 route-target import 64001: 20
  • This book helps the reader gain a thorough understanding of the Junos routing architecture via practical and useful case studies, resulting in smooth and clean transitions between different network implementations.

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Hi Anton, You are importing the default to the vrf VPN_A that i see (see below#1). now the rest of your design is wrong, see this type of route leaking is meant to be for CE-MULTI-VRF (VRF-LITE) in this case its your CE1 , if you are learning anything from the PE that should be either only from Global RIB to vrf VPN_A otherwise you should be running BGP VPNv4 between your PE and learning that ...

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Configuring Vrf Lite. Configuring vrf lite chapter 13 fundamentals of multi support virtual routing and forwarding

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May 08, 2013 · This might compromise security because it might introduce route leaking between different VRFs. You can use the no ip route static inter-vrf command to prevent the installation of such static VRF routes.

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Under certain conditions, it is desirable for a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route reflector to be able to modify the Route Target (RT) list of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) route that the route reflector distributes, enabling the route reflector to control how a route originated within one VPN Routing and Forwarding table (VRF) is imported into other VRFs.

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- Navigation - Routing & Switching - Inter VRF route leaking - Juniper EX series - juniper file system - routing protocols - SVIs Security Voice over IP Wireless. vrf-target export target:65505:16 set routing-instances s1 vrf-table-label set routing-instances s1 routing-options router-id set...

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#Leaf-3 ***Leaf-3: Underlay Network*** set interfaces xe-0/0/0 description "link to spine-1" set interfaces xe-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet address set interfaces xe-0/0/1 description "link to spine-2" set interfaces xe-0/0/1 unit 0 family inet address set interfaces lo0 unit 0 family inet address set ...

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