Sep 09, 2010 · A student filled a graduated cylinder with water and read the meniscus at 25.8 mL. The student then dropped a solid material into the graduated cylinder and the water rose to 35.9mL. If the solid material had a density of 2.99 g/mL, determine the mass of the solid object. please help. Thanks
If you're having trouble using burettes you can use a graduated cylinder in order to more easily read the amount of liquid being measured. The marks on the cylinder are also generally considered easier to read. There are a variety of different sizes of graduated cylinders. The most typical sizes are 10ml, 25ml, 100ml, 500ml, and all the way up to 2 liters.
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Dec 13, 2011 · should always read the volume at the lowest point of the meniscus! Measuring devices are calibrated to give the most accurate readings when the bottom of the meniscus is read. Placing a white card below the meniscus on the opposite side of the measuring device betters your ability to see the meniscus.

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  • The standard instrument for the measurement of rainfall is the 203mm (8 inch) rain gauge. This is essentially a circular funnel with a diameter of 203mm which collects the rain into a graduated and calibrated cylinder. The measuring cylinder can record up to 25mm of precipitation. Any excess precipitation is captured in the outer metal cylinder.
  • Sep 11, 2008 · The graduated cylinder will usually have more intervals to read from, and because it usually contains less liquid than a beaker, it is more precise in measurement. Similarly with the first question, because a volumetric pipette usually holds less liquid, it is more precise when dealing with the smaller amount of liquid as compared to a ...

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Use a turkey baster to suck the brake fluid out of the brake fluid reservoir located at the top of the master cylinder. Step 3 Fill the pump style oil can with brake fluid and attach the flex line to the opening on the oil can.

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  • FDLIB is a comprehensive software library of FORTRAN 77 (compatible with FORTRAN 90) Matlab, C++, and other codes, covering a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied topics in fluid dynamics. The codes are suitable for self-study, classroom instruction, and fundamental or applied research.
  • Non-wetting, they deliver all they contain (calibrated TC/TD at 20°C). Meet Class B accuracy requirements of ASTM E1272 "Cylinder, Graduated, Laboratory, Glass" and all requirements of ISO Standard 6706 "Plastic Laboratory Ware-Graduated Measuring Cylinders". No meniscus to confuse readings. Blue, molded, PP base resists tipping. Molded-in ...

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After graduating from medical school, Eugene Alford built a lucrative career as an ear, nose, and throat specialist and a facial plastic surgeon at Methodist Hospital. In the summers, he and his wife Mary, a dentist and former paediatric nurse, would join a church-sponsored medical mission to Honduras...

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Note that a meniscus forms on the neck of the hydrometer. Just as reading the meniscus in a graduated cylinder, the user must take the reading where the plane of water is and not where the water clings up the neck of the hydrometer. See the image to the right. The correct reading of this hydrometer is about 0.982. Once the reading has been made ...

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This set of Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on "Bouyancy". 1. Find the position of centre of buoyancy for a wooden 5. Find the density of metallic body which floats at the interface of mercury of 13.6 and water such that 40 % of its volume is sub-merged in...

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You should use separate towels from other household members, both for drying yourself after bathing or showering and for drying your hands. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive or are living in a household with someone who has COVID-19, you may be concerned about the...

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Jan 20, 2018 · 2-3. Solutions Chapter Manual 2 • Pressure • Fluid Mechanics, Distribution Eighth in a Fluid Edition. 2-3. At 10 degrees for every 2 psig, the pointer should move approximately 100 degrees.

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The values should be within 2 ppt of the average. Discard outliers. Hydrometer Reading 35 ppt standard: Measure out 17.5 g NaCl (table salt) and pour into a 500-mL graduated cylinder. Fill the cylinder to the line with distilled water and carefully swirl the solution to mix the standard, until all salt crystals have dissolved. Pour the solution into a 1-quart plastic bottle and label. Prepare a blank using 500 ml of distilled water.

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