d. If the total distance from Albany to Buffalo is 290 miles, determine how long it takes for Fabio to reach Buffalo. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of an hour. 5. A particular rocket taking off from Earth’s surface uses fuel at a constant rate of 12.5 gallons per minute. The rocket initially contains 225 gallons of fuel. a.
Probability (greater than 290) = 1- Probability (less than 290) Probability (less than 290)= 0.2046 (calculated in part b above) Therefore , Probability (greater than 290) = 0.7954 . n= 100 golfers . Therefore, number of golfers that drive the ball at least 290 yards= 80 =100x0.7954 (after rounding off) Answer: 80 . 7.
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Plot points on the number line to represent all values that round to 500 when rounded to the nearest hundred and 450 when rounded to the nearest ten . Math. When this 3-digit number is rounded to the nearest hundred it rounds down to 600. The digit in the ones place is the third odd number that you count beginning with 1.

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  • A hectometer is one of the least commonly used in modern metric system unit of length or distance. One hectometer is equal to 100 meters or 1/10 th of kilometer. Hectometer can be considered a practical unit for measuring small distances or the dimensions of relatively large objects like very large premises, large water reservoirs, small pool length, etc. Along with linear measurement ...
  • The one hundred families in a particular neighborhood are asked their annual household income, to the nearest $5 thousand dollars. ... $285 $285 $290 $300 $300 $305 ...

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and then round appropriately using the next digit. ii290 000 The second signifi cant fi gure is 9. The next digit (3) is smaller than 5; thus, rounded to 2 signifi cant fi gures, 293 568≈ 290 000. (This is the same as rounding 293 568 to the nearest 10 000, as the second signifi cant fi gure is in the 10 000s column.)

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  • Apr 25, 2012 · However, if 6.25 is to be rounded off it is rounded off to 6.2. 1.4.3 Dimensional Analysis Often while calculating, there is a need to convert units from one system to other.
  • 1 Hectare is equal to 0.01 square kilometer (km2). To convert hectares to square kilometers, multiply the hectare value by 0.01 or divide by 100. For example, to convert 100 hectares to sq km, multiply 100 by 0.01, that makes 1 km2 is 100 hectares. hectares to square km formula. square km = hectare * 0.01. square km = hectare / 100

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Round to the nearest tenth. 51. Find the diameter of the circle below. Round to the nearest tenth. 52. Find [latex]m\angle ADC[/latex] in the figure below. Round to the nearest tenth. 53. Find [latex]AD[/latex] in the triangle below. Round to the nearest tenth. 54. Solve both triangles. Round each answer to the nearest tenth. 55.

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At Best Buy Round Rock, we’ll keep your devices running smoothly with the full range of expert services from Geek Squad®. We’re here to help, so visit us at 3201 South Interstate 35 in Round Rock, TX to find the perfect new camera, laptop, Blu-ray player, smart lighting or activity tracker today.

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Rounding a number involves replacing the number with an approximation of the number that results in a shorter, simpler, or more explicit representation of said number based on specific rounding definitions. For example, if rounding the number 2.7 to the nearest integer, 2.7 would be rounded to 3. Rounding Methods

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Volvo Penta Outdrives. Founded in 1907, Volvo Penta began producing outdrives with their first model, the B1. Since then, Volvo Penta has created many industry-first outdrives such as the first IPS engine.

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How much work did the car do on the brick (round to nearest joule)? 1532 J C. What is the net (resultant) force on the brick? 100 N D. Multiply the net force acting on the brick by the distance it traveled to find the total work done by the system (which includes gravity) on the brick: 530 J 3.

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3) Find the value of x- show ALL work! Round lengths of segments to the nearest hundredth and angle measures to the nearest degree. 13 cosx= L 18 cos-l b. 11 an IJQi/s 25 25 13 x 'fan-I(Z5/13) 4) A surveyor is 305 ft. from the base of the new courthouse. Her angle measuring device is 5ft. above the ground.

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