Example- CO2 Mass, C + O + O 12.011 + 15.994 + 15.994 43.999 Practice Compute the mass of the following compounds round to nearest tenth & state type of bond: NaCl; 23 + 35 = 58; Ionic Bond C2H6; 24 + 6 = 30; Covalent Bond Na(CO3)2; 23 + 2(12 + 3x16) = 123; Ionic & Covalent Atom – the smallest unit of matter “indivisible” Helium atom ...
Sub-index 2: Ionic bonding - structure and properties of ionic compounds. Doc Brown's Chemistry: Chemical Bonding and structure GCSE level, IGCSE, O, IB, AS, A level US grade 9-12 level Revision Notes. 2a. Introduction to ionic bonding, ions and the periodic table. 2b. How to work out ionic formula and name ionic compounds. 2c.
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A bond based on intermolecular forces between hydrogen and fluorine, nitrogen, or oxygen is a _____. covalent bond ionic bond hydrogen bond The mutual force of attraction between ions of opposite charges can best be described as A. an ionic bond. B. a polar covalent bond. C. an electronegative bond. D. a non-polar covalent bond.

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  • A)B B)O C)Li D)Ne 7.Which symbol represents an atom in the ground state with the most stable valence electron configuration? A)F B)Fr C)Cl D)Cr 8.Which element has the lowest electronegativity value? A)They differ in their molecular structure,only. B)They differ in their properties, only. C)They differ in their molecular structure and properties.
  • a) Li and F b) B and O c) N and O d) P and S e) Cl and Br Target 2: I can draw the Lewis symbols for any element on the periodic table. 10. Below each element, draw its Lewis dot structures fluorine calcium vanadium lead sulfur xenon indium arsenic a. elements shown as 3 + ions b. expanded octets of electrons c.incomplete octets of electrons d ...

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octet rule Elements in Groups 1A to 7A (1, 2, 13 to 17) react with other elements by forming ionic or covalent bonds to produce a stable electron configuration, usually eight electrons in the outer shell. polyatomic ion A group of covalently bonded nonmetal atoms that has an overall electrical charge.

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  • An alien astronaut landed on Earth and created the periodic table shown below. The astronaut was trying to determine what type of bond would be present in several compounds. _____ 10. The type of bond in a compound containing G and E would be . a. a covalent bond c. an ionic bond ^^^^^ b. a metallic bond d. a nonmetallic bond
  • It is very likely as the bond angle for a V-shaped (or bent) molecule is a little less than 120°. 32. Predict which bond in the following groups is the most ionic in character. Calculate ΔEN for each to check your predictions a. H-Cl (ΔEN = 0.96 ) , H-Br(ΔEN = 0.76), H-F (ΔEN = 1.78 ), the H-F bond is the most ionic in character b.

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Which of these pairs of elements would be most likely to form an ionic compounds? Cl and I, Al and K, Cl and Mg, C and S, Al and Mg. Which of the following contains ionic bonding? CO, SrF2, AL, OCl2, HCl. Na---Cl H---Cl Li---Br Se---Br Br---Br.

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Which statement is true regarding bond order , bond length , and bond energ... Which concept describes the formation of four equivalent , single , covalen... Which of the following statements best describes the energy change accompan...

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Group 2 elements generally react to form compounds in which the group 2 element has an oxidation state of +2, beryllium will also do this but it has a tendency to form covalent rather than ionic compounds. (3) Both group 1 and group 2 elements produce white ionic compounds. Compare this with the coloured compounds of most transition metals.

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Example: O has an electronegativity of 3.5 and Cl has an electronegativity of 3.2. Since O has a greater attraction to electrons than Cl does, it is more likely to gain electrons from a metal than Cl is. O has greater nonmetallic character than Cl.

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Elements with great differences in electronegativity tend to form ionic bonds. Atoms of elements with similar electronegativity tend to form covalent bonds. (Pure covalent bonds result when two atoms of the same electronegativity bond.) Intermediate differences in electronegativity between covalently bonded atoms lead to polarity in the bond.

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produce a permanent lather in the water. The pupil’s results are shown in the table below. No. of flakes Water sample Before treatment After treatment Tap water 6 1 Well water 17 1 Water bought for topping-up a car battery 1 1 From the above data, identify the following: (i) The sample most likely to be from a limestone area. (3)

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